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      Social Impact 

      Maya & Mali customers care about the people behind the designs. They want  to make an impact and feel good about their purchase, knowing that they are helping make a difference in someone's life. Maya & Mali is committed to honoring ancient Mayan Traditions while helping bring the indigenous people out of poverty, all while doing something they love.

      Upcycling & Sustainability

      Maya & Mali not only supports local businesses by purchasing vintage huipil ( the colorful, handwoven materials used for the bags) at the street markets, but we also partner directly with weaving co-ops on more sustainable projects. These sustainable huipil panels allow the weaver to be compensated directly for her art, as well as allow opportunities for younger generations to learn how to embroider and weave, using the ancient Mayan traditions that have been passed down generation to generation.

      The Bag Artisans

      Once we have a vintage huipil or a sustainable panel ready, it's time for our bag Artisans to do their magic. Each Artisan has their own style but they have so much in common, a passion for their work, their people and country. All of our Artisan partners are located in various regions of Guatemala and help us find unique, one of a kind huipils, top quality leather hides as well as assist the Weavers carry on their traditions through sustainable weaving co-ops and panel weaving opportunities.